$30,000 for a bathtub? It sounds like a ridiculous amount of money.

But, an architect of NK Woodworking, Nathie Katzoff, is turning the wooden bathtub into a work of art and it’s worth every penny!

The architect of NK Woodworking design has some amazing things in his repertoire, including a background in boat building that makes these impressive tubs even more startling.

The most important thing about these tubs is that the wood insulates much better than standard materials used, like porcelain or metal, so the water remains warmer for a longer period.

Each of these magnificent tubs takes hundreds of hours to craft and gleams with a composite finish that has its roots in the excellent woodworking and restoration skills of Katzoff.

Using Sapele mahogany as “the popular wood of choice,” lead designer and founder Katzoff says, “we aim to be the Steinway or Maserati of bathtubs.”